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Lugo: AGOSTINO CODAZZI (1793-1859)
He was born in Lugo in 1793 and died in 1859. A cartographer and a geographer.
Cotignola: ALBERICO DA BARBIANO (1348-1409)
Alberico was born in Barbiano, a small village near Cotignola in 1348 and died in Citta' della Pieve in 1409. He was a mercenary captain.
Lugo: ALCEO FOLICALDI (1900 - 1952)
Alceo Folicaldi was born in Lugo in 1900 and died there in 1952. He was a poet and a member of the Futurist movement.
Alessandrina Drudi was born on September the 24th 1878 in Cotignola and died in Villa Verucchio in 1961. She was an opera singer.
Russi: ALFREDO BACCARINI (1826-1890)
He was born in Russi on the 6th of August 1826 and died on the 3rd of October 1890. He was an engineer and a politician.
Bagnacavallo: ALLEGRA BYRON (1817-1822)
Clara Allegra Byron was born in 1817 in Bath (UK) and died in 1822 in Bagnacavallo. She was the daughter of the famous english poet Lord George Gordon Byron.
It was in the sixteenth century when the game – in spite of its Greek-Roman ethnogenesis – took on the features that were kept, with some transformations, up to the nineteenth century, the golden period of such game. As proof of how popular the game and players were in the XIX century, there are writings dedicated to them by Italian and foreign authors.
Bagnacavallo: ANDREA GARDINI (1965)
Andrea Gardini was born in Bagnacavallo in 1965. He is a former volleyball player and currently a volleyball coach.
Bagnara Di Romagna: ANNA LOLLI (1888-1972)
Born in Bagnara di Romagna in 1888; died in 1972. Choir singer and Pietro Mascagni’s lover.
Fusignano: ARCANGELO CORELLI (1653-1713)
He was born in Fusignano in 1653 and died in Rome in 1713. He was a composer.

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