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I CAPLET (i Cappelletti)
Russi's specialities named "cappelletti", which is actually a kind of pasta typical of all the area of Ravenna's territory, used to be and still are stuffed with soft cheese (but not the type named "tomino") and "parmigiano reggiano" (the original parmesan cheese), eggs if needed and nutmeg to give flavour; the dough is made with the best wheat flour (the kind 00 made out of soft wheat). "Cappelletti" used to be prepared during the main celebrations along the year, usually in the morning (seldom the night before the meal), soon after women had been to the early Mass of the day.
LA PIE' INT'LA TEGIA (Pizza baked on "testo" or "Piadina")
"La Piadina", which in our area is still called "la piè int'la tégia" (pizza baked on "testo", which is a terracotta flat pan), is a kind of flat bread traditional of all the territory of Romagna. In the original recipe of the past, the dough was made just with wheat flour and water, and sometimes a little bit of salt. Kneaded and left to rest a little, then it used to be baked on a terracotta flat pan called "testo" on the firedogs of the fireplace (on the so called "cavdôu") and turned often from one side to the other. Then the water was substituted by cheese whey, which was also eaten with the "piadina". It was then added lard and salt, till we get to nowadays when the ingredients are: wheat flour, lard, dried yeast, milk, dried white wine; everything is mixed together, left to rest and then the dough is flattened with a rolling pin in the shape of round pieces.
PICET CUN AL PATET (Chicken with potatoes)
This meal, which is certainly of ancient origin, is to be considered a novelty in the farmyard of farm workers. Young chickens, which had been born in the first brooding at the end of winter, reached the necessary weight to be slaughtered (more than one kilogram) in time to be eaten during the threshing time, when it was customary to offer a generous banquet to the workers who had taken part in it. Young spring chickens, which had not been chosen to become capons, were then eaten during the entire summer with garden tomatoes and fresh potatoes. It is a delicious meal, mainly if it is prepared with first-class raw materials, such as young Romagna spring chickens and fresh tomatoes and potatoes.

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