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Villanova is the biggest village of Bagnacavallo territory, is also known as "the village of the five grasses" for the ethnographic museum "Ecomuseo della Civiltà Palustre" and "Etnoparco".

It has very ancient origins: the old documents refer to a well-equipped "bastia" and to Saint George "commendam". The Pochintesta, a family that in the Middleage gained an important position thanks to military deeds, owned a castle in Villanova.

Its economy is mainly based on agricolture with a particular attention to the processing of marsh grass; the small centre is also known as "the village of the five grasses", since one of the main income sources of inhabitants has always been marsh grass processing. Almost all families in Villanova processed rush and other grasses to create tools, furnishings and clothes.
Today the Ecomuseo della Civiltà Palustre is a museum with a rich documentation about the processing of marsh grass. Inside the museum there are laboratories where craftsmen still work following the old traditional tecniques.

In Villanova there are still some interesting historical buildings. We can mention the Villa Tassona, the Allegri Palace and the former slaughterhouse, an interesting example of industrial archeology.

At the beginning of September is held the traditional "Sagra della Civiltà delle Erbe Palustri" and during the first Sunday of every Spring month takes place the street market "La soffitta in piazza", a flea market.

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How to get there
Villanova is about 8 km eastwards from Bagnacavallo.

Last update: 06/02/2018 (Redazione di Bagnacavallo)

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