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The civic tower, like the near "Palazzo Vecchio", was built in the XII century during the Bolognese dominion, but along the centuries it underwent several alterations.

In the early XVI century, during the Este dominion, it was added a public clock.
On the south side there's a niche hosting an image of Our Lady dating back to the fifties.
The interior is divided into three floors commonly known as "Hell" "Purgatory" and "Paradise": the lower floor used to be a jail from the XVIII to the XIX century. One of the most famous prisoners of the tower was the bandit Stefano Pelloni, known as "Passatore", kept here in 1849.

In bare bricks, it has a square base with socle and is 35 meters high. The four machicolations in the corners can still be seen, while the interior is divided into three storeys.
Big nails are sticked on the wall of the tower: they are used by local people to hang lost objects found in town. In this way, anyone who's looking for something he has lost, can go there to check if it has been found.

Address: Piazza della LibertÓ - Bagnacavallo - 48012 (RA)
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How to get there
In piazza della Libertà. Car parks in the square.

Last update: 13/06/2018 (Redazione di Bagnacavallo)

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