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ALLEGRA BYRON (1817-1822)
Clara Allegra Byron was born in 1817 in Bath (UK) and died in 1822 in Bagnacavallo. She was the daughter of the famous english poet Lord George Gordon Byron.
It was in the sixteenth century when the game – in spite of its Greek-Roman ethnogenesis – took on the features that were kept, with some transformations, up to the nineteenth century, the golden period of such game. As proof of how popular the game and players were in the XIX century, there are writings dedicated to them by Italian and foreign authors.
Andrea Gardini was born in Bagnacavallo in 1965. He is a former volleyball player and currently a volleyball coach.
Bartolomeo Ramenghi was born in Bagnacavallo in 1484 and died in Bologna in 1542. He was a painter, influenced by Raffaello.
EBE STIGNANI (1903-1974)
Ebe Stignani was born in Naples in 1903 from a family from Romagna. She was an opera singer.
ENZO MORELLI (1896-1976)
Morelli was born in Bagnacavallo in 1896 and he died in Bogliaco del Garda in 1976. He was an important 20th century illustrator and painter.
He was born in Bagnacavallo in 1788 and died in the deep narrow valley of Rovito in 1844. Patriot.
Born in Bagnacavallo in 1958; boxing champion. First WBO champion (heavyweights) from 6-05-1989 to 11-01-1991.
Son of the famous painter Bartolomeo, Giovanni Battista was born in Bologna in 1521, where he died in 1601. Like his father he was a painter.
The extraordinary success of this music genre was due to the fact that it was meant to be danced in pairs, which was rare at the time. Liscio is still alive after seventy years of changing music trends and this is the proof that its connection with this land is very deep. Liscio orchestras still perform their concerts in dance-halls in rural villages or in town feasts, where you can see people dancing along.

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