The extraordinary success of this music genre was due to the fact that it was meant to be danced in pairs, which was rare at the time. Liscio is still alive after seventy years of changing music trends and this is the proof that its connection with this land is very deep. Liscio orchestras still perform their concerts in dance-halls in rural villages or in town feasts, where you can see people dancing along.
THE DIALECT OF ROMAGNA - A living language
This ancient "contemporary language" of neo-Latin origins isn’t just a folkloric component, but also a key to local culture and somehow an important part of the landscape.
According to legend, the place name Bagnacavallo comes from a hypothetical water spring which healed the beloved horse of the Emperor Tiberius; this is confirmed by the motto of the coat of arms of the municipality: Ingredior rhoebus, cyllaros egredior (I enter ill, I leave healthy).

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