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Beerson is the beer born out of a project by Maurizio Bragonzoni, former owner of the Osteria di Piazza Nuova, and by Daniele Longanesi, wine producer belonging to the family that rediscovered the Burson vine. The combination between the taste for beer and the uniqueness that characterises Uva Longanesi is celebrated by the manufacturing process of the Beerson beer, which is produced using traditional methods by master brewer Davide Finoia using Burson wine yeasts, to which the name assonance is dedicated.
The Farmer Union "Il Bagnacavallo" has been founded to make the most of the typical products of the Bagnacavallo area. These products are: several kinds of wines, vinegar, local brandy, "saba", honey, meats of high quality standards, flowers, shoes and "Dolce di San Michele" (a delicious cake dedicated to the saint of Bagnacavallo). They are all produced in Bagnacavallo and the sorrounding area.
Since the Middle Age, the celebration of Bagnacavallo's patron saint, the Archangel Michael, was an occasion on which have some special dishes. At the time, cakes consisted of sweet buns made of honey and dried season fruit. Carrying on with the same old tradition and style, but of course with the emprovements that the baking techniques have developed in recent times, local bakers make this cake whose name comes from the patron saint, and they just make it during the week of the feast. Cream with burnt sugar, eggs, sugar, walnut, almonds and pine nut, wisely mixed together, make this cake a delicious dessert, great if served chilled with a glass of raisin wine.
"Il Bianco di San Michele" is made with Chardonnay grapes and other early vines; it is processed through cold alcoholic fermentation with selected leavens. It's a young wine ready to drink already at the end of September, since grapes have been picked during the month of August, just on the celebration of Saint Michael, Patron of Bagnacavallo (September the 29th).
Burson is an ancient species of wine, it is original and autochthonal. The name comes from the nickname of the family Longanesi that, during the 50's believed in the qualities of this wine and saved it from extinction. The wine-making of Burson follows particular traditions and an accurate refining in barriques.
Rambëla is a young wine with ancient origins, protected by Consorzio Il Bagnacavallo. It is produced with 100% of grapes from the Famoso Vine, which long ago was called Uva “Rambëla”, or simply “Rambëla”.

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