Arialdo Magnani was born in Cotignola, in the village of Molinetto, of February the 5th in 1921 and died in Cotignola in 1999. He was an artist.

As a young boy, in his spare time, he attended the local arts and crafts school (which is still named "Scuola d'Arte e Mestieri") directed by Luigi Varoli. After military service, he was a student for a while at Ravenna's art high school Liceo Artistico, but he didn't graduate.

Soon after World War II, he was suggested by Varoli to start working with ceramic and in 1953 he won the golden medal at the prestigious Faenza's international ceramic competition ("Concorso Internazionale di Ceramica").
From 1954 to 1956 he worked as a ceramic decorator n the workshop Fabbrica Marmaca in San Marino.

Once back to Cotognola, from the Sixties he devoted himself just to painting, making artistic ceramics and writing poetry.

Last update: 28/06/2016 (Redazione di Cotignola)

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