The Zaganelli brothers were born in Cotignola between 1450 and 1460. Bernardino died in 1519, while Francesco passed away in 1532. They were both painter.

They probably learned to paint and had their artistic training in a Ferrarese workshop during the last decade of the XV century.
After his stay in Ferrara, Francesco, which is the youngest of the two brothers, decided to open his own workshop in Cotignola, where also his elder brother Bernardino worked until 1509; after this year Bernardino gave up painting and then died a decade after, in 1519, while Francesco passed away in 1532.

The two brothers show different styles and tastes in painting; while Bernardino was closer to Venetian and Ferrarese art, together with the Bolognese taste of those years, Francesco was much more under the influence of northern European engravings which affected his tecnique and style as a painter.

Last update: 28/06/2016 (Redazione di Cotignola)

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