The original church dates back to XVI century. It was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War and only ruins of it still remain. Evidence of the former building are the right wall, left untouched, and the pretty Renaissance facade.

The origin of the name "from Genova" is still much discussed.
According to some scholars, it derives from the name of the site where the church was built; according to some others it was given by the Duke to show his gratitute to the Virgin for her help in chasing away the French from Genova. In the records of the bishop's visit, dated 1768, we can see that the previous name of the church was "Santa Maria della Pilla". This is why the image is painted on a pilaster or the ruins of a former wall, which is still part of the wooden niche. Today the fresco image can hardly be seen due to weather and time distructions, but we can say it's some kind of popular and folk style painting made in the XV century.

The oldest document regarding the church "Chiesa della Madonna di Genova" dates back to June 1573. This paper mentions a religious building which was property of the Sforza family, built in memory of the duke Massimiliano Sforza for religious purpose. During the rule of the pope Gregorio XIII (1572-1585) the church had been given to the community of Cotignola, who, in 1608, offered it to the Camaldolites.

The presbitery, still in good conditions, is in neoclassical style with a remarkable chalk altar piece depicting in relief the Last Supper. Another delicious altar piece preserves a fresco depicting Our Lady and his son.

Address: Via Madonna di Genova - Cotignola - 48033 (RA)
Tel: 0545 908873, info - Culture Office
Fax: 0545 41574

How to get there
The church is located in via Madonna di Genova, just outside the town centre and on the road which leads to Lugo and to the highway tollgate.

Open on: closed

Last update: 23/05/2016 (Redazione locale di Cotignola)

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