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He was born in Lugo in 1793 and died in 1859. A cartographer and a geographer.
ALCEO FOLICALDI (1900 - 1952)
Alceo Folicaldi was born in Lugo in 1900 and died there in 1952. He was a poet and a member of the Futurist movement.
Pratella was a painter; born in Lugo 1856, he died in Naples in 1949.
A large number of caper plants have been growing spontaneously in the cracks of the Fortress walls for centuries. By the end of May and for the whole summer, when these plants blossom – for a short time but with a characteristically intense fragrance –, the flower buds are picked and preserved in vinegar by expert hands, following the ancient recipe of Pellegrino Artusi.
CHARLES PONZI (1882 - 1949)
Charles Ponzi was born in Lugo in 1882 and died in Rio de Janeiro in 1949. He migrated to the United States, where he became one of the greatest swindlers of American history.
The Contese Estense is a folklore event which takes place every year in the week around the 15th of May, which is the celebration day of Sant'Ilaro, patron saint of Lugo. The event foresees the historical reenactment of the passage of the Duke Borso d'Este in Lugo in 1471, while on his way to Rome where the Pope Paul II awarded him ruling powers over Romandiola Ferrarese. The feast boasts an exciting series of themed events culminating in the Palio della Caveja, a unique competition which sees the four wards of the town fighting against each other.
The countess was born in 1781 in Lugo, in the palace that now hosts the hotel “Ala d’Oro”. She died in 1867.
Ernesta Galletti Stoppa (Mezzano, 1850 – Lugo, 1939) was an educator and pioneer in the city of Lugo fighting for women’s liberation and equality.
ESODO PRATELLI (1892 - 1983)
Born in Lugo in 1892; died in Rome in 1983. Painter and film director.
FABIO TAGLIONI (1920-2001)
Fabio Taglioni was born in Lugo on September the 10th 1920 and died in Bologna on July the 18th 2001. He was an engineer and designer for the motorcycle maker Ducati in Bologna.

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