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The farm is located near the natural park of the River Po Delta, along the beautiful landscapes where the river Senio meets with Reno. The farm is characterized by two remarkable local rural buildings that are typical of this area known as 'Casa del Diavolo' and 'Casa dell'Agnese'.

The suggested didactic tour foresees: a visit to the rural buildings, a close look to the landscape, the home-making of bread (there's the possibility to bake it in the wood-oven), the farm animals and the crops grown in the fields. The journey goes from wild nature environment (river banks, bushes, small woods and ponds) to rural life ones (a typical kitchen, the wood-burn oven, the 'stalletto') that are particularly well preserved. There are also court yard animals (chicken, ducks, goats, sheep, pheasants, pigs and so on).

The project 'Fattorie Didattiche' (didactic farms) brings together farms and farmers of the province of Ravenna that operate with environment friendly policies and/or biologic farming since a long time. The project focuses on the importance of healthy food, respect for the environment and for the traditional features of the area. Most farms are family run and they all follow ethical rules of respect for the individual and for the environment.The didactic farms represent an active hands-on workshop for compulsory school students.

Casa del Diavolo
Address: Via Destra Senio, 88 - Alfonsine - 48011 (RA)
Tel: 0544 81208 - 338 8002962
E-mail: casadeldiavolo@libero.it
URL: http://www.lacasadeldiavolo.it

How to get there
From Alfonsine follow via Bruno and Destra Senio, along the river. Once at the Canal Destra Reno, keep your right and go on for 1km.

Price: from 4,00 to 12,00 according to the programme
Open on: opening days and hours upon request

Last update: 31/03/2016 (Redazione di Alfonsine)

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