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From Bagnacavallo down to the Adriatic. A Grand Tour of the loveliest towns of Romagna and the unspoilt nature of the Po estuary. 7 cycle routes to discover lower Romagna, a feast for the eyes every moment of the way. Attention! The publication refers to the years 2006-2010.

is a guide for those who love holidays in the open air. Each route is accompanied useful information and detailed road maps which bring to life the heart of Lower Romagna as you follow them in an unmediated enjoyment of the sights and sounds and smells every moment of the way.

Download the guide, choosing from the following routes. Or contact the Tourist Office Information: we will be glad to send you the guide for free.

From Bagnacavallo Down to the Adriatic
A Grand Tour of the lovelist towns of Romagna and the unspoilt nature of the Po Estuary

Route 1The Many Colours of Romagna (PDF 245kb)
Route: Bagnacavallo - Boncellino - Traversara - Bagnacavallo

Route 2The Marsh Country of Villanova (PDF 376kb)
Route: Bagnacavallo - Boncellino - Traversara - Villanova - Villa Prati - Bagnacavallo

Route 3In Search of the Old Romagna Countryside (PDF 195kb)
Route: Bagnacavallo - Villa Prati - Rossetta

Route 4On the Trail of Passatore (PDF 422kb)
Route: Bagnacavallo - Boncellino - Russi - Bagnacavallo

Route 5Canal and Watermill trail (PDF 445kb)
Route: Bagnacavallo - Lugo - Bagnara di Romagna

Route 6Art and Nature Tour (PDF 378kb)
Route: Bagnacavallo - Fusignano - Alfonsine - Boscoforte

Route 7Down the Lamone Towards the Sea (PDF 341kb)
Route: Bagnacavallo - Punta Alberete - Marina Romea Beach

Info: Tourist Information Office
Address: Piazza della LibertÓ, 4 - Bagnacavallo - 48012 (RA)
Tel: 0545 280898
Fax: 0545 280859
E-mail: turismo@comune.bagnacavallo.ra.it

Last update: 17/07/2016 (Redazione di Bagnacavallo)

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