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At the end of the XVIII century Russi did not have a proper theatre; there used to be a room, called the "Scuola Vecchia", that functioned as such. The so called "Scuola Vecchia" was restored in 1812-13 and thus became a real theatre.

At that time the theatre programme included plays, such as tragedies and comedies, and performances took place mainly around Carnival; starting from 1836, the theatre was active also during the local fair “Festa dei Sette Dolori”, which attracted a much wider audience from the town and from outside. The building underwent various restoration works and was eventually closed in 1860.
In 1883 the municipality decided to build a new theatre in the same location of the old one. The new building was designed by Giuseppe Tramontani according to the traditional Italian theatre model. The building was completed in 1888, but the opening had already been celebrated the previous year with Verdi’s Rigoletto. Opera became more and more popular amongst the theatre’s performances, especially from the ‘20s onwards.
After the second World War plays and opera were considered to be too expensive to stage, so the theatre increased film screenings. The theatre screened films from 1907 to 1969, when the new cinema was opened and the theatre was closed down.
The theatre’s restoration started in 1994.

Teatro Comunale
Address: Via Cavour, 10 - Russi - 48026 (RA)
Tel: 0544 587641 Culture Office
Fax: 0544 587680
E-mail: cultura@comune.russi.ra.it

How to get there
Town centre. Car and bus parck. Disabled access.

Last update: 13/02/2018 (Redazione di Russi)

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