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Leaving from Bagnacavallo, and travelling through the area known as "Romagna d'Este", it is possible to follow an interesting spiritual journey on the steps of ancient pilgrims; the itinerary aims to discover religiuos buildings and places which used to represent important places along the pilgrims' way "Via dei Romei" in the territory known as "Bassa Romagna".

Even if radically changed since the middel Age, "Bassa Romagna" territory preserves evidences of the route the pilgrims used to pass though to reach Rome.
In period which marked the foundation and consolidation of "Via dei Romei", the main branch of Po river passed through Ferrara and the area between Argenta and Bagnacavallo was dominated by marshland.

For this reason the pilgrims who wanted to reach Via Emilia had to sail landing in the ports of Bagnacavallo (by the parish church of San Pietro in Sylvis), of Santa Maria in Fabriago (by the parish church of Campanile) or of other smaller villages, such as San Lorenzo of Lugo (by the parish of Santo Stefano in Catena, which does not exist anymore). San Pietro in Sylvis parish church, remarkable example of architecture of the Exarcate or Proto-Romanesque period, could correspond to the easternmost port along the southern fringe of delta swamps.

> The vie dei Romei in Emilia Romagna

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How to get there
The buildings marked on this route are all admission free, accessible to disabled and with car park.

Last update: 17/07/2016 (Redazione di Bagnacavallo)

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