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Russi’s Roman Villa dates back to the 1st century and was in use until the 4th century; it has a very interesting architecture and beautiful mosaic floors. A visit to the villa should be complemented with a visit to the Antiquarium, which is the archaeological museum housing objects related to the villa; this is in the town centre in the Museo Civico, inside the old town fortress. The recently-opened archaeological section of the Museum inside the Fortress of Bagnara di Romagna illustrates aspects of the daily life of the area during the Neolithic period, with a display of items that were unearthed during local excavations.


> Bagnara di Romagna - Museo del Castello

> Russi - Villa Romana

> Russi - Atiquarium della Villa Romana c/o Museo Civico della Rocca del Castello


Archeologia in Emilia Romagna

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