TERRENA tracciati di land art

Bassa Romagna

TERRENA tracciati di land art

Terrena is a sentimental geography that explores and traces a small but very precious constellation of little-known, silent and hidden places in Bassa Romagna for the very first time: amongst rows of fields...

...orchards and isolated little woods, meadows, sheds and farms, rivers and riverbanks, canals and basins, parish churches and bell towers, mazes and pathways.

                                      traces of land art in Bassa Romagna
                                         from 7th July to 1st August 2019

are often older than humans, and if they could speak, they would relate the history of our communities. Our imagination often associates the concept of woods and forests―considered a spontaneous cluster of trees―with high mountain altitudes; nevertheless, if we left nature free to follow its course, trees and shrubs would grow everywhere. So, what could trees tell us, if we were willing to listen? What do they tell us about our future, even the near future? There are places in Bassa Romagna where we can discover, once again, what the world would be like without us. These protected areas are designed to restore environmental balance and to allow nature to evolve freely: a few metres before the rows of fields and asphalt tongues, with memories backtracking to Roman centuriations; then we perceive a forest and penetrate virtually unexplored lands that seem to have evaded the progress of history.

 Terrena 2019 was created here, at the point of convergence between these uncontaminated sites, art, music and history, inspired by the stirrings of contemporary arts in Europe: from sound design to street art, from environmental installations to performing arts, not to mention concerts and literary readings. Six must events, some ‘made to order’ and others featuring a site-specific revisitation or presentation during which nature is both stage and narrating voice. I tracciati di Land Art in Bassa Romagna [traces of land art in Bassa Romagna] propagate like the movements of a symphony through oases, protected areas, secret pathways and urban sites that will, in turn, become an element of continuity with nature through art. Nature, woods and trees will tell us their story. They will talk to us about the development and anthropisation process of plant species. Then art will prevail, with the task of opening our eyes to a nature we are not accustomed to observing: the typical features of Bassa Romagna, its historical development, the landscape identity to be discovered, rediscovered and valued.

Art Direction and Organisation: Bronson Produzioni, Art Direction by Chris Angiolini with the consulting services of Lorenzo Donati, journalist and critic, Altre Velocità Group.

SUNDAY, 7 JULY from 7:30 pm - Bosco di Fusignano, Fusignano

Picnic, show and concert

Disciplines and formats: narrative drama for the whole family + live performance + DJ set

Luigi D’Elia | THE GREAT FOREST In a small nameless town, a child grows up between school, home and a great wood. He goes to school on foot; he runs and refuses to waste time: he wants to grow up and become a hunter, like his grandfather. Instead, his grandfather forces him to slow down, explore the woods and their rules, a world that is being wiped out but which is, however, to the patient onlooker, immensely more beautiful than the one we are building. In the nearby mysterious woods that are swarming with life, the wolf stays in hiding, as ancient as a legend. But one day fear comes to the town, innocence is lost and the child and his grandfather have to follow the tracks of the wolf. At the end of time, something in the woods, in the smell of the wolf, awaits all three of them.

Luigi D’Elia is narrator, scene builder and environmental educator. He often relates the tales of nature and literature for both children and adults.

Machweo | PRIMITIVE MUSIC Primitive spirit, electronic creations, jazz executions, improvisations, highly skilled guitar performances, hip-hop style drum intervals and flowing music. A performance that merges the visionary outlook of pure experimental music with visions of wild and free nature.


WEDNESDAY, 10 JULY 9:30 pm, Chiostro di San Francesco – via Luigi Cadorna, Bagnacavallo

Disciplines and formats: concert with visuals + photographic installation

Teho Teardo | MUSIC FOR WILDER MANN In the setting of the Cloister at the former Convent of St. Francis, the concert Music for Wilder Mann is a special event for two cellos, a viol and the electronic instruments of Teho Teardo conversing with the extraordinary photographs by Charles Fréger. Every musical piece corresponds to a very tall, vertical and threatening photograph that embodies our fears, a totem, whose meanings vary continuously, depending on how we look at it. Teho Teardo is composer, musician and sound designer. He composes sound tracks for leading Italian film directors, such as Gabriele Salvatores and Paolo Sorrentino.

Adriano Zanni | SOUNDTRACK FOR FALLING TREES An exhibition centred on stubborn determination and solitude. Solitary, wild, unstable, tenacious and resistant, born where you would never expect to find them, make-believe, imagined or perceived, crooked, robust, slender or impressive, Trees.


MONDAY, 15 JULY from 7:00 pm - Fornace Violani – via Destra Senio, Alfonsine

Disciplines and formats: literary presentation + reading + concert

Tiziano Fratus | JONAS OF THE SEQUOIAS Some journeys take you where your roots resonated before your arrival. In California Fratus discovered a land of the spirit and inhaled the wind driven by the ocean amidst the red giants that populate mythical sites, such as Big Sur, Humboldt County and Jedediah Smith. The pages of a legendary story open in the shade of these vertical paradises, relating the enterprises of men who set out to conquer lands that were unknown until then. Tiziano Fratus, poet and author, has published several books for leading Italian publishers. He defines botanical itineraries and guided walks for tree seekers.

Adriano Zanni | I ALMOST RECOLLECT IT ALL Trees turned into woods are a dense mass of memories and thoughts, ideas that underpin the record by Adriano Zanni, sound artist and esteemed photographer of Romagna.


SATURDAY, 27 JULY from 7:00 pm - Parco del loto – via Brignani, Lugo

Disciplines and formats: Land Art Installation

Andreco | SENSITIVE FORM, INSTALLATION The artist constructs a wooden installation to encourage a reflection on relations between built landscape and nature. A new vision for Parco del Loto, an approach capable of making the invisible visible, of revealing the beauty of natural processes, of endowing nature with the value of an alchemist of the present who learns from the past. Andreco has a PhD in Environmental Engineering centred on urban and rural sustainability. He uses various techniques, including drawing, painting, sculpture and video, often merging them in his exhibitions. He creates installations, performances, murals and public art projects, at times with the participation of the audience. A unique multidisciplinary study focused on relations between urban space and natural landscape, between man and all aspects of the environment.


SUNDAY, 28 JULY from 7:00 pm - Canale dei Mulini di San Patrizio, Conselice

Disciplines and formats: semi-permanent environmental installation

Oscar Dominguez | ENVIRONMENTAL ART INSTALLATION The artist proposes a new creation of environmental art in dialogue with nature, with its changeability and aesthetics. His outdoor works are large installations in unusual settings, the expression for his search for the materials of the land. They merge land art, environmentalism and spiritual naturalism. Both physically and metaphorically, Oscar takes possession of the places where his sculptures are conceived, establishing an intense dialogue with the surrounding urban and architectural space. The theme of balance between sky and earth, between empty and full, ensures lightness, integrating the installations into the environment where they are located, as if they had always been there. Oscar Dominguez was born in Tucuman, Argentina, in 1970. Upon completing his academic education, in 1999 he moved to Faenza (Ra), where he lives and works. He has participated in important exhibitions, such as the Cairo International Biennale in Egypt.


THURSDAY, 1 AUGUST from 7:00 pm - Piazzale Ex Bocciofila – via Dini e Salvalai 34/F , Massa Lombarda


Disciplines and formats: street art + live showcase + DJ set

MURAL TREES. WALL PAINTING A new mural painting developed on the theme of trees to revisit the very idea of nature, a permanent sign in a non-natural place, a warning and reminder to seek one’s own nature and make room for it. The work commissioned to Andreco will be implemented with the cooperation of youth in the area through a genuine, participated workshop of public art capable of even sharing new skills with the participants. www.andreco.org – www.climateartproject.com info@andreco.org

Moder | Live showcase. Moder has followed Italian rap music since the early ‘90s, launching the art of mcing in early 2000s. He is a founder and art director of the Cisim cultural centre in Lido Adriano. His latest album, Otto Dicembre, released with Glory Hole Records is an elegy of life in the province, a hard and at times violent analysis that is often intimate but never disenchanted nor resigned.

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